From Qualified to Closed

Eagles Capital Advisors primary goal is to help you, the borrower, navigate the complex process of commercial lending, from qualification to closing. We begin by carefully analyzing your project needs to develop a complete understanding of the funding challenges you face. We then make an introduction to a private commercial lender that can best fit your needs. Our lenders work with you using strategic problem solving to propose the best program to fund your project.

At each step in the loan process, we provide information and support, helping you to understand the private lending environment, feel comfortable with our lender of choice and build confidence in our trusted relationships.

We’re with you All the Way

Eagles Capital Advisors is with you from first introduction to LOI to Term Sheet to Underwriting and Close. We make sure the process flows, questions get answered, paperwork gets processed and that you are comfortable with the outcome every step of the way. As problems arise, we work with you and the lender to create win/win success. We are dedicated to getting you to the closing table.